Frequently Asked Questions

How much will bankruptcy cost me?

Only $306.00 plus Bankruptcy Attorney’s fees and other fixed costs.

Can I make payments to you?

Yes, we can arrange a payout schedule on the personal bankruptcy attorney fees.

How long will it take to file my bankruptcy?

Personal bankruptcy can be filed as soon as 48 hours if we have all the requested and required information.

Do I meet with an actual attorney?

Absolutely. You meet a personal bankruptcy attorney at the very first initial consultation who will explain what is in your best interests.

Can I still qualify for a Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy after the new law?

Most people can, depending on your situation. Our bankruptcy attorneys will work with you to select the best bankruptcy alternative.

How is my credit affected by bankruptcy?

In most situations, your credit is already affected prior to the bankruptcy. Once you file, your credit starts improving because creditors know that you cannot file another Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for 8 years, hence they will start sending you credit because they are protected.

Why should I choose The Kent Law Firm?

You should choose us because of our experience, compassion and determination to not only improve your financial situation, but also to rebuild your confidence, strength and self-esteem in yourself.