Your Credit After Filing for Bankruptcy

Atlanta After Bankruptcy Attorneys

One of the biggest concerns for people considering bankruptcy is that irreparable harm will be done to their credit rating. People wonder whether filing for bankruptcy will eliminate their potential for getting credit in the future for a home, car or other pricey items.

When you work with The Kent Law Firm in Atlanta, Georgia, our attorneys will work with you to determine the affect that bankruptcy will have on your credit rating, and will help you make the best decision for your circumstances.

A Slow But Positive Change

People are often surprised to know that bankruptcy works in reverse for their credit. If you are considering bankruptcy, your credit is probably in pretty bad shape to begin with. Filing for bankruptcy won’t damage it much at the beginning, and eventually your credit will slowly begin to improve.

Our lawyers can help you determine the course of action that will damage your credit the least and work with your creditors to minimize damage to your credit score.

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